Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday October 5,2009

I have an appointment with my kidney Dr. Dr. Al Sayyad is a renal specialist and took over from the Dr. in Dallas to monitor my progress shave ince he excised my right kidney. I would have remained Dr Caddadu's patient however Dallas is 180 miles away and Ruth doesn't drive. SO we decided in favor of Dr. Al as he is known here in Abilene.
Recently, I extended my right arm and strength while traveling to Phila. As a result, for six weeks, physicians, therapists accupuncturists and other medical types,have attempted to clear or alleviate the problem o no avail.
This Wednesday I'll go under the knife to shave four tumors fom my bladder internally. THIS ISN'T A MAJOR SURGERTY but it is inconvenient and unpleasant process. I'll be in the HOspital overnight and should be released Friday Morning barring complications.
I'm scheduled for MRIs on October October 11 and 13 to possibly determine what the shulder and arm problems may be.
Otherwise I feel ok AND I'm anticpating some success in the prognosis.
Prayers and petition will be graciously accepted.

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