Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 10,2009

Readings: Colossians 3: 12-17 Psalm 150: 1-6 Luke 6: 27-38
Psalm Response: " Let everything that breathes praise the Lord"

Paul has confidence the Colossians whom he personally taught will remain in the traditions and Gospel he proclaimed.
They were to abhor their past lives and begin to praise God by their imitation of Christ. We also must bring into our hearts and minds the proper attitudes; thinking always, not of ourselves but as would Christ.
The sinful aspects of our society were learned not ingrained. If we follow the "celebs" who revel in notoriety, we will think nothing of their actions of fostering whatever brings them pleasure and fame; even if the fame is scurrilous.
If we will focus on the cross and the sufferings of Christ for our sake, we will be unable to wend our way into the path of unrighteousness.

The psalm and response urge us to always be aware of the sacrifice God, through the action of His Son, enabled us to concentrate on the virtues of Faith, Hope and Love!

Luke makes the life in Christ seem simple and at the same time difficult.
Love your enemies? Do good to those who harm you? What kind of irresponsibility is that. The prophets say God's foolhardy ways are wisdom when compared to our actions.
Therefore, we are to be like Him; unwisely wise!
God gives us no options! We are to think and do in terms of His love. Thereby, we become like Him; as He is in us.

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